Walk By Faith Mug

Open your Bible and savor a sip from the Walk By Faith Mug. With each verse and each sip, let your resolve to trust the Lord deepen, fortifying your faith for whatever lies ahead.


The dual nature of the mug, simultaneously grounded and elegant, effortlessly blends with any decor. The exposed clay base, with its earthy feel juxtaposed against the smooth white exterior, creates a captivating contrast. The sentiment is adorned with delicate gold foil accents to elevate the mug to an even higher level of sophistication.


Walk by faith, not by sight


The Scripture reference stands out in shiny gold foil on the back of the mug.


2 Corinthians 5:7


The mug's large 15-fluid ounces capacity provides ample room to savor your favorite beverage, whether it's a cozy morning coffee or a soothing evening tea. Its large handle allows for a comfortable three-finger grip, ensuring a secure hold. The mug comes elegantly packaged in a tuck-top gift box for added convenience. To keep the mug looking like new, we recommend handwashing it.


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