CharleyMadelyn Fertility Believers

Because sometimes even the biggest miracles take time.

Owner, Chelsea and her husband Jason went through a year and a half fertility journey before having their twin daughters. When they look back on those first couple of months they were so excited to start their journey and make their own little family. Months went by and with each month they faced disappointment as they found out that they weren't pregnant. During this year and a half they believed that God allowed them to witness others going through the same thing, to continue to keep them encouraged. During their fertility battle, they promised God that they would use their experience to help and encourage others fighting for their own family. Our hope and prayer for this space is for other women that are going through Infertility or in the process of trying to conceive can feel encouraged by one another and believe not only for themselves but for each other.

Each month, CharleyMadelyn will be donating 10% of all the months proceeds to ones in the midst of their own fertility journey. We will be capturing their stories (if they want to share) and sharing them here as a way to encourage and empower one another through our fertility journeys.


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Our July Fertility Believers: Tia & Manny Arango 

We discovered we were having fertility issues in 2017. Due to my phobia of needles, I was completely unwilling to do anything medical about the issue until 2018 when my fear of needles was finally eclipsed by my fear of never being a mother. So, we tried an IUI in May 2018 that ended up failing. Then we knew we had to begin to consider IVF. We finally got everything in order to do IVF in February of 2020 and it was successful! We got pregnant. But 8 weeks later, we had a miscarriage. It was heartbreaking and disorienting. We are now recovering from that miscarriage and are actively getting ourselves prepared to do another round of IVF. IVF, for us, is about $15k out of pocket. It is not covered under insurance. So every attempt is a huge financial strain and commitment. But, of course, it will all be absolutely worth it in the end.


Our August Fertility Believers: Toni & Jonathan Pearce


In 2016 we were preparing for a big move to Connecticut for my husband's work.  Our next step was to start trying for a baby.  A surprise detour happened when I was diagnosed with breast cancer the week of my 32 birthday and 10 days before the moving truck was to pull away from Raleigh.  We had a brief meeting with a fertility specialist and opted to follow our faith and focus on fighting cancer.  Fast forward to 2019.  We finally got clearance for a break from my endocrine therapy treatment.  This is a medication that prevents cancer from returning but isn't safe for pregnancy. The break from the medication is limited as they recommend you resume the treatment within 2 years of the stop date.  After my 3 month "cleanse," we started trying to conceive.  
Months passed with no positive tests. In June 2020, after 10 months of trying, we had a positive test!!  Sadly, it came to a screeching halt when I ended up in the emergency room with a ruptured right fallopian tube due to an ectopic pregnancy July 1.  Devastation does not begin to describe the feelings we experienced.  With the guidance and recommendation of our medical team, we are returning to fertility treatment to try and have our rainbow baby dreams come true.