About CharleyMadelyn - Our Story

About Us


Welcome to our space, your space! I am so grateful for you and so thankful you have decided to check out our little corner of the internet. CharleyMadelyn launched in June 2020, created out of faith and believing for the impossible to happen, because that’s what Charley and Madelyn represent - hope.



CharleyMadelyn is a faith and fashion boutique designed to hold a space for women exploring the world through faith and fashion. 2 ½ years ago, I remember sitting in a closet crying in desperate pain and fear of the future. That day I will always remember, because that’s the day that I took my 11th pregnancy test and found it was negative. I just remember sitting there so hopeless and terrified of not becoming a mom. I often think back to that day and what I would tell that terrified 27-year old if I could speak to her now: It. Gets. Better. Keep believing and keep having faith and keep pushing. 


I don’t only re-visit 27-year old Chelsea in the closet, I re-visit the 21-year old praying to get into law school, I re-visit the 25-year old failing the bar exam the first time, I revisit the 26-year old that just lost her father. So I want to hold this space for you. I want to be able to provide encouragement and hope to any of those seasons that you are in that consist of tension and remind you that it gets better and the best is yet to come. CharleyMadelyn was founded because of that very reason, because Charley and Madelyn are my twin daughters and they are my constant reminder of hope and faith. 


I hope when you come here you don’t just see super cute clothes and fancy coffee mugs. I hope you feel encouraged and empowered to keep conquering this world! 



About the Owner

Photo of Chelsea, the owner of CharleyMadelyn, smiling and wearing a leopard print dress


Hi! I am Chelsea, the owner and founder of CharleyMadelyn, LLC. If you would have told me when I was younger I would be launching my own boutique I would have definitely doubted you. Not because it wasn’t my dream (I always loved clothes), but because I didn’t believe I had it in me.


I am so grateful for a God that reminds us that all we have to do is rely on Him for strength and that We can Do all things through Christ that Strengthens us. After obtaining my law degree, I started working in the pharmaceutical field. Shortly after, I started my faith and fashion blog titled “A Fashionable Believer.” It was then that I learned that I could talk about two of my favorite topics - faith and fashion.


In 2020, I said yes to surrendering my plans to God and no to fear and decided to step out on faith and open CharleyMadelyn. I hope you feel empowered and encouraged and I hope you don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. Here’s to conquering this world through faith and looking fabulous while doing so.