Moments in Prayer Prayer Journal

In the  Moments in Prayer Prayer Journal, author Karen Stubbs shares her thoughts on some of the most beloved passages of Scripture and asks thought-provoking questions that are sure to guide and enrich your prayer time. 

The prayer journal follows this layout:

  1. Scripture passage: Specially chosen passages from Scripture are chosen as theme for each week.  
  2. Art Scripture: A beautifully designed verse echoes what the original Scripture states and helps you meditate on the theme more deeply. 
  3. Karen's thoughts: Karen shares her interpretation of the Scripture passage and notes what she learnt during her study.
  4. Central questions: This section offers questions to help you dig deeper and uncover what God is saying to you through His Word. 
  5. Reflection: A space to gather your thoughts, think about what you learned and what God is teaching you. 
  6. Being thankful:  This section will help you remember how much you have to be thankful for, even during the hard times. 
  7. Answered prayer: Write out the prayers God has answered, because that is a faith builder in your journey with Him.
  8. Burdens & prayer requests: This section offers you the opportunity to lay your burdens before the LORD.

Karen Stubbs is the founder of Birds on a Wire—a ministry to encourage and equip moms on the journey of motherhood. 

The Moments in Prayer Prayer Journal will transform your prayer life and guide you to a more intimate relationship with God. Share this prompted journal with a fellow believer who wants to grow in the discipline of prayer, or wrap some copies to celebrate Easter and give it to the women in your life group, small group, or family. Start a family challenge among the women in your family to work through the Moments in Prayer Prayer Journal with you this year.  It is a pursuit well worth your time.
  • Whitewashed shiplap background with flowers 
  • Foil accents 
  • Hardcover 
  • Wirebound 
  • Full-color interior pages 
  • 224 pages 
  • Size: 10.4" x 8.6" x 1.2" (264 x 218 x 30mm)

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